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About I ❤️ .NET

This is a .NET knowledge sharing platform with live demos crafted by developers for developers with love using .NET. The goal is to make sure this learning platform helps developers to up and run .NET easily in their projects. This platform will cover minimal knowledge, steps, content needed to start with .NET stack.

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This is knowledge sharing platform maintained by Microsoft MVP - Abdul Rahman. I document and write each and every piece of my knowledge in dotnet development which I gained over a decade working in multiple complex projects. Mastering the contents in this blog will transform anyone from zero to hero in dotnet. All you need to do is to invest your time.


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Road Map

  1. Blazor WASM
  2. LINQ Closed
  3. Entity Framework
  4. C#
  5. ML.NET
  6. WEB API
  7. DSA
  8. Design Patterns
  9. TDD Closed
  10. String Builder
  11. Regex
  12. OOPS
  13. Expression Trees
  14. Swagger
  15. JWT
  16. Minimal API
  17. CLI
  18. Report
  19. Concurrency
  20. SOLID Closed
  21. Background Services
  22. OWASP Secure Coding
  23. SignalR Closed

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Contribution Guidelines

  1. You can contribute for any of the channels mentioned in road map. If the channel you wish to contribute is not available then you can add channel to road map and contribute.
  2. In any channel make sure the topic you wish to cover doesn't exists already. If it exists already please review the content and try to update it.
  3. If the channel is closed and you wish to add new content the please raise an PR with the content and we will review it.
  4. A live working demo would be preferred in all content.
  5. Try to keep content simple and short.
  6. Any ideas to improve content are welcome.

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