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Blazor WASM Dark Theme and Light Theme

Blazor WASM Dark Theme and Light Theme


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In this article, let's learn about how to configure dark theme in Blazor WASM application.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Dark Theme and Why it is needed?
  2. Steps to configure dark theme
  3. Summary

What is Dark Theme and Why it is needed?

Dark Mode or Theme has become common nowadays. Almost all the operating system, apps and websites started supporting Dark Mode as first class feature as it gives a pleasing experience to eyes when reading or using the app at night time. So it's time to design dark version of apps or website to go along with the default design. Let's see how we can implement this in Blazor application.

Steps to configure dark theme

First, lets have a enum DisplayMode to represent different display modes. Next, we need the help of Javascript here to add respective CSS class to our document based on the option we select. We can select Light mode, Dark mode or System mode to let it detect based on operating systems default display mode.

Code Sample - Display Theme Component to toggle Display Mode

When we click on button to set theme or mode, SetTheme(DisplayMode displayMode) method is called by Blazor which in turn will use JavaScript to call onDisplayModeChanged function. If the selected DisplayMode is Dark or System and if the operation system has dark theme enabled? then we can set dark CSS Class to HTML document and store the user preference in Local Storage to retain it for next time when the user visits our app.

If the user has selecetd Light DisplayMode then we can remove the dark CSS Class from the HTML document and also remove the entry from Local Storage.

Code Sample - Javascript function to store and toggle CSS class

Now that all set, we need to make sure to load the user preference when the user visits our site anytime in future. For this we can again use small Javascript on page load in our index.html to check if the Local Storage entry has DisplayMode key with dark value or we can check if the operating system supports Dark mode. In both case we can add dark CSS class back to HTML document. If both the above cases are not met then, we can leave it to default light theme.

Code Sample - Javascript to toggle display mode CSS class on page load

Time for a live demo. Try with below demo and make sure to inspect and see how CSS classed are toggled in HTML along with Local Storage changes.

Demo - Display Mode

Click on one of the display mode and see how the I ❤️ DotNet responds.


In this article we saw how to configure dark theme in blazor wasm application. We saw how to apply system theme by default and we also saw a live demo of how i love dotnet responds to dark theme.

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